Selected as one of the 50 business to be featured in the FIAL 2019 Celebrating Food & Agribusiness Innovations book.

Drippy Magic is the latest invention to create a metallic drip cake which saves time and money through the one-step process which is designed to be used by the home-baker or professional pastry chefs! 


The Deco Magic portfolio now consists of 100% metallic, edible gels that are egg-free, low in gluten and freeze-thaw stable:

  • Original Magic (36 different application techniques, available in 16 colours)

  • Liquid Magic (12 different application techniques, available in 16 colours)

  • Universal Magic (4 types of gels, used to create your own colours with liquid/gel/paste/powder food colourings)

  • Drippy Magic (for drippy effect, available in 8 colours)*

  • Royal Magic  (12 techniques, launching 1/9/19, available in 8 colours)*

  • Other products are in the pipeline waiting to be released. 

* currently only available in gold.


Pipe Don’t Paint’s Story


A cake decorator for 30 years and an award winning, qualified pastry chef. Karen’s initial business, Kakes by Karen is well known throughout Perth, WA for her beautiful special occasion cakes. 


Deco Magic was developed in 2011, from Karen’s passion for cake decorating, further driven to look for an easier and quicker way to produce the most beautiful and intricate decorations and designs for cakes with 100% edible metallic colours. Originally a clear gel that could be mixed with a variety of metallic colours that could be piped directly onto cakes. 


Given that double handling equates to time and money within the banking/confectionary industry, Karen successfully created a one-step approach to using metallics that are 100% edible. Deco Magic is efficient in achieving the overall desired designs for the greater baking/confectionary industries.


The products in the Deco Magic portfolio are able to be used with: 

  • Fondant

  • Royal Icing

  • Buttercream

  • Glacé Icings

  • Dream Whip/Whip’n’Ice 

  • Ganache -white/milk/dark

  • Chocolate (compound/couverture)- white/milk/dark

  • Biscuits/Cookies/Macarons 

  • Cakes

  • Ice cream & Ice cream cakes 

  • Chocolate transfer sheets

  • Desserts

  • Cake Pops 


The versatility of Deco Magic products are continually being tested in the Kakes by Karen kitchen, and currently there are at least another 8 products that have been created, tested and waiting for release in the near future! Karen is passionate about creating a preservative-free and natural food colour range. 

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